World’s First Composition for Combined Carillon and Pealing Bells by renowned Australian Carillonist

Bathurst has the only War Memorial Carillon in Regional and Rural Australia and after a massive fundraising campaign, has been recently transformed into a world-class concert instrument of 47 bells.

Its uniqueness is amplified by being located within 100 metres of an Anglican Cathedral bell tower with its array of 8 pealing bells. This juxtaposition of two separate bell tower buildings, each containing a different way of playing bells, occurs nowhere else in the world!

Come to the city of Bathurst NSW over the weekend of 28 – 29 April 2023 to be part of the FESTIVAL OF BELLS in the heart of the oldest inland European settlement in mainland Australia.

Dr Thomas Laue was commissioned by the Festival committee to compose a unique piece of music incorporating both the Carillon and pealing bells of All Saints Cathedral which will have its world premiere on Saturday 29 April 2023.

Dr Thomas Laue

Dr Laue is a Senior Carillonist at the National Carillon in Canberra. He has won multiple international awards as a carillon performer, composer, and arranger. He gave the world premiere of his composition ‘In Memoriam’, a work dedicated to the women and children who suffered through wars in Bathurst and Wiradyuri Country, at the inaugural Festival of Bells in 2021.

This commission was made possible by a grant from Charles Sturt University Community University Partnership (CUP) Program.

The community-led FESTIVAL OF BELLS is a cultural event that unites nine diverse community groups into delivering a program of music performed by Bathurst Carillonists, complemented by bell ringers from around Australia, the very best local adult and school bands, choirs, and individuals. It is complemented by the region’s best food, wine, and spirits.

The FESTIVAL OF BELLS is the opener to Heritage Week in Bathurst and is part of the region’s Autumn Colours program.

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