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Hi everyone, Leo here. The school holidays have now come to an end sadly but I have an extra week of holidays. Normally that’s a good thing but I owe this extra week to Covid and boy it is not fun having Covid. Because of Covid I couldn’t march in the bagpipe band for ANZAC Day as I was stuck in bed and I still am. That wasn’t the end of my rotten luck. Just as I was coming down with Covid, Ari our new little kitty cat went missing for over 48 hours. His disappearance really shook the household. The loss of our cat had an impact on all of us as we consider our cat’s family. On Saturday night two of our three cats came home and one did not. We waited and waited we went out looking through our garden, out on the streets and down the small lanes but to no avail. We did the same thing the next day too, we spent hours looking for our cat until we assumed he was never coming back, that maybe someone was walking along and just picked him up because he is so cute and friendly that he would trust anybody. For the rest of the day and the following night, the vibe of the house was really down, we thought we would never see Ari again…or so we thought. The next day about midday he came sprinting home and I mean sprinting home – he didn’t just walk up to the door, he spirited from wherever he had been stuck, meowed loudly and when we let him he sprinted in saying how hungry, thirsty, frightened and dusty he was. He was back.

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