Roving Leo: HMS Belfast

Hi people, Leo here, How are things? I hope everyone is going ok. My family and I are all ok apart from my mum and I recovering from a  sneezy cold I caught (and then two or three days later gave to my mum ).

Other than that, we’re traveling well. Now that we’ve gone back to school and work, I’ve set up my modeling bench so whenever I have a little bit of time to spare I can sit down and work on my model’s. Right now I’m working on my model of the HMS Belfast, a British light cruiser. The model is based on the ship The Belfast from the battle of the North Cape, December 1943. 

The Belfast is now moored as a museum ship on the River Thames near Tower Bridge in London, England and is operated by the Imperial War Museum. When it’s safer to travel, The Belfast is definitely on my must-see list. The model is going well, I made it a long time ago and that was when I was just starting out making models, now that I sort of know what I’m doing with models I’ve taken it apart and am now redoing it. At this point, I’m up to painting on it’s camouflage.

The model was originally given to me by my godmother. She specifically gave me The Belfast because her uncle had a wooden model of The Belfast when he was a kid, and it was as big as his body. When I’ve finished the model I’m going to make a sea diorama for

The Belfast, with explosions around the ship and smoke coming out of smoke stacks. Until then, I’m really enjoying the process of making it and I’m only up to the painting. Once I’ve done that, it’s gluing it back together then adding the details like the radio wires.

Until next time 

Leo Roving Reporter

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