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A few days ago your Humble correspondent could be seen waiting expectantly down at the letter box for Margie The Post to deliver the newspapers. The specially anticipated event was The Australian’s 250 rich list glossy magazine. 

I had hoped I was in with a chance, and eagerly scanned the names of this year’s 250 Filthies, but alas I was not there. Gina and Andrew and Justin had edged me out yet again.

But it is time for celebration though, because, as my editor reminded me (he clearly doesn’t pay me enough to make the Richies), this Bathurst Heritage Matters column marks the 250th effort by your scribe in the very excellent Village Voice newspaper and its predecessor. 

Yes, 250 times I have ascended to the garret to be met variously with inspiration, writers block and sometimes a smidgin of plagiarism. Not to mention jaunting around the region with Mrs Heritage and my faithful Box Brownie, and my forays into the paddock with my mate Mick, the sage of Wiseman’s Creek, phone calls with Sally Darhling Hart from Cirencester in the middle of the night, and long sessions with The Big Mac over a red or two.

I would like to invite budding heritage humbles and notso humbles to email our newspaper a guest column or three (with pics) for publication in the coming months – Around 300 words will do on any aspect of heritage in your Bathurst heritage region.

Thought of the week “it’s high time Humble had a rest.”

by a humble heritage advocate – April 2022

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