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Bathurst Heritage Trades Trail 9 & 10 April 2022


The Big Mac keeps banging on about finding a year round use for the former Bathurst Agricultural Research Station – give him a rostrum and he’ll bang the gavel.

“Humble” he said “surely the great heritage gods would provide some inspiration? Look at those fab brick stables c1900 (pic) and the 10 other heritage listed buildings in the Farm Square, including the blacksmiths shop and the shearing shed.”

I don’t know about heritage gods though. If Thor or Hercules were around they’d round up the slaves, plunder the treasury, slay the multi headed naysayers, and get on with it.

Your humble scribe responded “we are trying to keep it alive with the annual Bathurst Heritage Trades Trail which goes from strength to strength, and the Friends of the Agricultural Research Station (FOBARS) are doing a great job cataloguing thousands of historic objects from the site. Who has the energy to progress it to the next stage though?”

Wonderful opportunity here for multi faceted activities which could self sustain all year round and be a great visitor attraction for Bathurst. If we can spend six million dollars of public money on a couple of playing fields to add to the dozens we already have, surely this is not beyond reach.

Thought of the week “how about a community forum to develop ideas? ”

by a humble heritage advocate – February 2022

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