Forming relationships to help Bathurst Not-For-Profits.

Local community charities and Not-For-Profit groups continue to support our community and have been under extra stress because of the circumstances over the last two years.

These groups are maintained by big hearts and passionate people, mostly volunteers, who donate their time, expertise and resources to make a difference. Some of these groups have a strong public face and others work in the background with and for the people they are helping. They are providing invaluable services to our communities. All of them need our support.

Many of them have suffered with an increased request for services as well as seeing a reduction in donations and opportunities for fundraising being limited or stopped. 

Generous local contributors, Jay Cleary and Sandy Fairbrother, of Cleary Fairbrother Property, want to recognise these groups and have made a selection of seven significant contributors to form an ongoing relationship and help them with donations and promotions. The principals have chosen a broad selection of charities to form an ongoing relationships with, Glenray, Veritas House, Can Assist, Central West Women’s Health Centre, Mitchell Conservatorium, Meals On Wheels and Boys to the Bush. In this new initiative, #givingbacktobathurst, Cleary Fairbrother Property will make regular donations to these local groups as they sell local properties.

“We have been growing since we began business in 2019 and want to share some of that success with our community. Each of these groups we have chosen make a significant contribution to their sector and each of our vendors can choose one to receive a donation on settlement of their property.” – Sandy Fairbrother

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