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Combating School Anxiety

Starting a new school year can be exciting, but for some, it is common to feel anxious and stressed about change.

Preparation is key to dealing with situations where there are lots of unknowns. The more things feel familiar the more you can relax and feel confident with what is going on.

There are many strategies young people can practice to ensure the back to school transition is a positive experience.

Jake Byrne, headspace Bathurst’s Community Engagement Officer says some strategies include creating a routine, ensuring you set some achievable and realistic goals for the year, and allowing yourself time to recharge after each day.

“The benefits of having a routine apply whether you’re five, 15 or 50. Take responsibility for getting back in to the swing of things the week before school starts, and get back into a consistent sleep routine,” Mr Byrne said.

Mr Byrne also said it’s very important to ensure you tell someone if you need some support to make the transition successful.

“If you need support, let someone you trust know – this could be a teacher, a close friend, the school counselor, or other support services such as headspace,” Mr Byrne said.

Other strategies include talking through any issues or fears that you may have, as well as doing test runs to help you get used to the school or your route to get to school. Rather than focusing on hypothetical scenarios, just focus on ‘what is’, and how you can manage the situation.

For more information on headspace Bathurst please visit or follow them on Facebook.

headspace Bathurst operates through lead agency Marathon Health, and is supported by funding from Western NSW Primary Health Network through the Australian Government’s PHN Program.

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