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Online Community Waste Education Workshops on 12 October 2021

Online waste workshops help educate residents on how to declutter, live sustainably and reduce waste to landfill. 

Lithgow City Council’s Waste Education Team will partner with professional organizer Susanne Thiebe from ‘Less Mess’ to present two online waste education workshops to Lithgow residents on 12 October 2021. These workshops are part of Council’s waste education drive to improve resource recovery and reduce waste to landfill in the region.

The online format also allows residents from the regional waste network NetWaste to attend. NetWaste includes 26 Councils stretching from Blue Mountains to Bourke.

Each workshop is 1 hour in duration with a break in between sessions.  Residents can do one workshop or both. 

Workshop 1: Living with Less

  • Less is more: why we need minimalism in our lives. The ABC of decluttering, organising and sustainable living. Participants will learn the basics of how to tackle clutter and what to do with the oversupply.

Workshop 2: Meal Planning and Avoid Food Waste

  • The need for information around meal planning, cooking with leftovers, responsible disposal and avoiding shopping has risen since isolation, shopping restrictions and more time at home. This workshop looks at:
  • How does food waste happen?
  • How to make ‘no waste’ an easy habit
  • Loving your leftovers
  • What is your meal planning personality?

For more information and to register visit

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