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Heart of the Nation

It was a very vibrant day for the Bathurst community as the original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page came to town to talk about his not-for-profit organisation called Heart of the Nation. 

Heart of the Nation is hoping to help to save lives by bringing awareness in our region on how readily available AED’s (automated external defibrillators) can reduce the startling statistics of Aussies that suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest each year. 

Greg visited a few locations in Bathurst to talk about the AED’s that Heart of the Nation can provide and discuss their point of difference by explaining how their bright yellow AED’s can be extremely visible, how their signage stands out and doesn’t get confused with a first aid kit and how their app can assist a bystander can be an effect first responder in the chain of survival for a person suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest. The Heart of the Nation app will tracks the AED pack and will advise of the closest AED available in the case of a medical emergency. 

Greg said, “My life was saved in 2019 because a bystander who new how to perform CPR was there and also because there was an AED nearby. Having an AED used within 3 minutes increases the chance of survival by more than 200%. By displaying a highly visible Heart of the Nation sticker with an AED will help the community know there is one available when it’s needed. We have to bring awareness to this national issue!” 

Kylie Johnston, Andrew Gee MP and Greg Page

Kylie Johnston, owner of local first aid training business, Industry Training and Assessment Services, was instrumental in getting Greg to the region and toured Bathurst with him to ensure AED devices had their yellow sticker in place. 

For more information on securing an AED for your business or home, go to If you would like to understand how you could be better equipped in the case of an emergency, contact Kylie from Industry Training & Assessment Services on 0408 068 991, who has a range of amazing first aid courses available.

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