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Lithgow Cinema: What’s Going On

A war drama, Tobruk recounts the story of the British Army’s attempt to destroy the Germans’ fuel bunkers in Tobruk, Libya, during World War II. This delicate operation, codenamed “Operation Agreement,” entails crossing enemy lines to achieve its goal. The film is only loosely based on actual events: while “Operation Agreement,” itself, actually occurred, it was, in reality, an unsuccessful campaign, even though the film portrays it to be the opposite. The film shows how the Allies recruit German refugees as commandos to aid them to achieve their goals and German-Jews to serve alongside them. Albert Whitlock and Howard A. Anderson were Academy Award nominees for special effects.

Starring:        Rock Hudson, George Peppard, Guy Stockwell and Nigel Green

Director:        Arthur Hiller

Producer:      Gene Corman



LOVE AGAIN – 2023 – rated PG

A remake of a 2016 German film titled SMS für Dich – SMS for You – Love Again is a quirky romantic comedy about two broken hearts – by other people – intersecting each others’ lives in a game of chance played on the most modern day of devices: the mobile phone. We follow Mira Ray (Chopra) and Rob Burns (Heughan) on their journey to discover love the second time round. As with most romances, they hit an obstacle – in the form of an emotional betrayal. When Rob realises and comes to terms with his mistake, he decides to publish an article – much to the apparent ire of his boss – as a request for Mira’s forgiveness. Singer Celine Dion plays a fictionalised version of herself, as Rob’s romance adviser.

Producers:                                Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Esther Hornstein

Written and directed by:          James C. Strouse

Starring:                                    Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sam Heughan, Celine Dion, Russell Tovey, Lydia West

Lithgow Valley Cinema is located at 16 Main Street Lithgow.

See Facebook page: “Lithgow Cinema” or contact for further details. 

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