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Story filed:  holidays, I miss them already

Hi folks, Leo here. As you may know (or not know) the school holidays are now over and we’re back at school. At the start of the holidays my mother and I went down to Sydney so I could attend a Suzuki cello camp.

It was a lot of fun. I always enjoy attending cello camps because it’s a really good opportunity to widen my knowledge and skill of Suzuki cello playing. It stretched over the weekend so we went down Friday afternoon. We needed a place to sleep for two nights and our solution was to book a camping ground at the Lane Cove National Park.

My mum slept in our tent, which could have fit both of us, but I thought it would be fun to sleep in the back of the car. I put down the backseats and moved everything out into our spare tent (which was a kiddy tent and in no way shape or form would fit either of us plus it didn’t have a door you could close). I then placed my cello in the front set and rolled out my bedding.

For the most part it did work and it was nice and warm and quiet in the car, unfortunately though I was a tad bit too long so my head kind of dropped over the edge of the flattened seat so I had a sore neck. I didn’t do much after we came back to Bathurst, just practiced my instruments, watched YouTube on the TV and played lots of video games. In the second week of the holidays I was invited to a couple of parties at the laser tag place in town by an old friend of mine, it was a lot of fun and it was good to catch up with him.

On Friday of the last week I attended a cricket clinic my school ran. It was mainly for our new sports director to get to know the cricketers a bit better. He’s a cricket man himself so the clinic was really good, and plus it was a great opportunity for me to get back in the swing of things for the upcoming cricket season.

Now that I’m back at school I’m thinking of a half a dozen things I could have done that I didn’t do this holiday, which is really bugging me. Have to do them next holidays I guess.

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