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Fast Cars is a Riotous Romp about Winners and Losers

Think Schitts Creek, Upper Middle Bogan and The Castle all rolled into one! Fast Cars by Kate Smith is a rip-roaring comedy about wannabe winners, family feuds and dirty deals staged at the base of Wahluu /Mt Panormana.

This fast-paced new show features the Brocky loving Byrnes family. They live for the big race, their home-grown Brocky burgers and making their dreams come true. Matriarch Barb dreams of cracking her personal best walking around the Mount. Daughter Chez, a mechanic and go-kart racer wants to be the King of the Mountain. Insta-mad son – Tez dreams of finding Mr Right. But word on the street is business is bad for Barbs Burger Van, and they need a boost. Big time. Who and what can save Barb and her brood from going bankrupt?

Slimy Mayor, Belle Farquhar is getting smashed in the polls. With the election looming she needs a plan to get back on top. And fast!! Mayor Belle Farquhar declares that locals can now drive in the great V8 race on the mountain and win a big cash prize. Bingo! The Byrnes are in! This is just what they need. Or is it?

Premiering at the end of March, Fast Cars will be performed in an atmospheric location at the Agricultural Station at Charles Sturt University, at the base of the mount.

Get your engines revving, your hearts racing and discover what happens when the will to win spins us out of control and away from the ones we love.

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