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Innovative new technology introduced at Lithgow Solid Waste Facility

Lithgow Council recently introduced an innovative new system for covering waste at Lithgow Solid Waste Facility.

The system, known as the Jaylon Tarp Deployment System, uses large special-purpose tarpaulins to cover landfilled waste at the end of each day.

“Lithgow City Council is constantly looking for innovative and cost-saving solutions for our operations,” said Lithgow Council Mayor, and Councillor Maree Statham. “The new Tarp Deployment System at Lithgow landfill is an excellent example of innovation that will deliver significant savings in Council operations whilst improving the performance of the landfill”.

This tarpaulin covers to replace the previous system of using soil each day to cover waste. Covering waste at the end of each day is necessary to minimise odour, litter and water infiltration. When using soil, much of the soil remains within the waste, thereby consuming landfill volume and requiring a constant source of suitable soil. The advantage of the new system is that the covers can be easily removed at the start of each day prior to the commencement of landfilling.

The Council’s purchase of the Tarp Deployment System was fully funded under the EPA Bushfire Recovery Program for Council Landfills. The Council acknowledged the support of the NSW Environment Protection Authority in providing the funding following the 2019/2020 bushfires.

It is estimated the new system will save 12,000m3 each year in the soil, thereby preserving this volume of landfill space for waste placement. Further, if the Council had to purchase and transport soil to use as cover material from a quarry, it would cost in the order of $250,000 each year.

For more information, please contact Council on 6354 9999.

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