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Cancelled: Ironfest 2023 (Again)


Late last year after failing to attract funding, Ironfest 2023, and all future Ironfest events, were cancelled

But then, out of the blue, a possible benefactor/investor made contact expressing a desire to save the festival which had experienced a devastating financial loss going back to March of 2020, when, just 4 weeks out from the 21st annual main event, it was cancelled as a result of Covid.

Macgregor Ross, Ironfest Founder and current Ironfest Inc President: “We explored all areas of possible funding, but despite seemingly numerous possibilities, we were/ have been unsuccessful in getting the necessary backing”

Ironfest is/ was the biggest annual event to take place in Lithgow. Since its inception in 2000, it has attracted over 200,000 visitors to the region, and contributed over $40 million to the local regional economy; putting Lithgow on the tourism map every year it’s held and is/was recognized as an event of State significance: the value it adds/added to ‘brand Lithgow’ is significant. Many local businesses reported that the Ironfest weekend was their biggest trading weekend of the year.

Macgregor Ross: “The discussions with the possible benefactor/investor continue but we’ve run out of time to put on an event in April 2023; and looking ahead to 2024, people need to realise that that will mean a 5 year break between our last event and our next event (if it goes ahead) which is a huge gap to bridge”

It’s expected that a decision about a 2024 event will be made within the next few weeks

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