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Life, the Universe, and Stories: a new social group for Lithgow Library

Life the Universe and Stories (LTUAS) is a new kind of social group that uses great stories as a starting point to have meaningful discussions about life, the universe and everything. You can join your local LTUAS group at Lithgow Library on Thursday afternoons from 2-4pm. 

A facilitator leads the group, bringing a different, compelling story to each session. The facilitator then reads the story aloud, so that group participants can relax and immerse themselves in the story.

Christopher Smith CEO of Shared Reading NSW says: “The idea is to give people a place where they can just be, without the demands of day-to-day life. Stories provide a fantastic way to relax and forget the world for a while.”

Groups take place in community settings such as libraries and Neighbourhood Centres, and because of a generous grant by NSW Government, are free to join.

Mr Smith says that people are thirsty for opportunities to connect after events of the last few years. “The Blue Mountains and Lithgow have been hit by successive disasters with bushfires, floods and COVID. Our groups are a gentle way to rebuild and find connection with others. When you come to our groups, you don’t need to talk or read or anything. You can just come and listen to the stories. It is a way you can be social without any pressure on you.

LTUAS harnesses the deep need for storytelling, which is a fundamental part of the human experience. Mr Smith says: “Sharing stories is something we have always done to learn, to connect and to heal. People have a need to feel part of something bigger than themselves, and through stories they are connected to the way people have felt across cultures and over time.

For more information on library programs contact the library on 6352 9100 or head to the library webpage at

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