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New Service Helping Victims Recover from Identity Theft

It is now easier for victims of identity theft to take back control of compromised documents thanks to a new service launched by the NSW Government. 

ID Support NSW is a nation-leading service that acts as a one-stop-shop for victims of the crime to seek help and securely recover Government documents and private information, such as their driver’s licence and birth certificate. 

ID Support NSW takes the pressure away by bringing all the key call points into one location—NSW Police, Transport for NSW, Service NSW, The Office of the Children’s Guardian and Births Deaths and Marriages.

Through the service, people can also access counselling services and even advice on how to protect themselves in the future. This new service will be a great support to older Australians, who are disproportionately affected by the crime and will help seniors have more of a fighting chance to recover their documents and information.

Victims of the crime can lose an average of $4,000 and spend a total 34 hours talking to individual people to try to solve the problem. 

ID Support NSW operates between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday via the toll-free number 1800 001 040. For more information on ID Support NSW, visit


Six high school students across NSW will have the chance to visit historic WWII sites in Japan and Hawaii as part of the ClubsNSW Premier’s WWII Memorial Tour. 

In order to secure this trip of a lifetime high school students can submit a 1000-word essay which answers the question ‘Are the lessons of WWII still relevant today?’ 

Six students will be given the opportunity to visit the sites of some of the most defining moments in World War II history.

I’m encouraging Year 11 students aged 16 and 17 to submit a 1000-word essay detailing how the lessons of World War II are still relevant today.

The attack on Pearl Harbor and atomic bombing of Hiroshima are two of the most pivotal moments in the Second World War. The ClubsNSW Premier’s WWII Memorial Tour will provide opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the history of World War II.

This is a fantastic opportunity for high school students to revisit a defining moment in our history and learn about the contributions and sacrifices made by those on the front line. 

The group will depart Sydney on Thursday 21 July and return on Sunday 31 July. Year 11 students must be aged 16 or 17 to submit an essay via the ClubsNSW website. Entries are open now until 5pm on 13 June 2022.

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