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Transport infrastructure of the future – Lithgow’s electric vehicle strategy

Transport for NSW’s Draft Central West Orana Regional Transport Plan was recently exhibited for public comment. Lithgow Council made a substantial submission relating to electric vehicles.

The purchase of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing. Government incentives and improved technology are resulting in reduced barriers for these vehicles, and this changes the ways people travel.

“We as a Council have acknowledged this trend and have linked our strategic geographic location to our incredible array of service-based businesses and tourism features like the Gardens of Stone and Zig Zag Railway,” said Lithgow City Council’s Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham.

“With the NSW Government taking a leading role in developing a vision for the future of transport in the Central West, now is the time for Lithgow to step forward and remain ahead of this trend,” noted Mayor Statham. “Through the development of an EV Strategy, we aim to ensure there are adequate opportunities to meet the growing demands of local and regional EV owners, as well as those of EV visitors to the region.”

Destination chargers are installed in places where you would like to encourage people to spend a few hours, like the Lithgow CBD. By matching the correct technology with the right location, the Council aims to attract these growing numbers of passers-by and turn them into visitors of our cafes, boutique shops and tourist attractions.

To achieve this, Council partnered with the State Government, Sydney’s University of Technology, and experts of our local community to develop this strategy. 

“Lithgow City Council thanks the NSW Government for the funding opportunity that made this strategy a reality, alongside our local partners and those at the University of Technology for their specialist expertise,” said Mayor Statham. “In the coming months, Council will pursue any opportunities made available to deliver electric vehicle infrastructure for the benefit of our local community.”

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