Living Legends named on Proclamation Day

Six new Living Legends were announced at Sunday’s Proclamation Day ceremony.

Living Legends is a bicentenary legacy project to acknowledge outstanding members of the community for their dedication, determination, work and contribution to the city.

Living Legends contribute to the wellbeing of Bathurst, benefitting the entire community and generating goodwill and this year’s successful nominees reflect these traits.”

The Living Legends joined Proclamation Day activities on Sunday and were officially recognised as part of the ceremony at the Flag Staff.

2022 Living Legends: Sr. Mary Therese Comer, Terry Roberts, Gloria Isabel Packham, Maureen Ann Markwick, Paul Merrick Barton Smith, Lynette (Lyn) Margaret Cooper 

In addition to the Living Legends named, sixteen names were added to the Pillars of Bathurst as part of this year’s Proclamation Day commemorations.

The aim of the Pillars was to represent Bathurstians from 1815 through to 2015, to include representations from non-British born migrants and representation from the region’s villages and tell the unique and interesting stories that perhaps have been lost over time.

This year is the conclusion of the Pillars of Bathurst Project in its current format. The 80 plaque spaces available on the Pillars are now filled with 101 Bathurstians commemorated within the garden.

Over the next year Council will consider how this project can be migrated into a digital format.

2022 Pillars of Bathurst

  1. Monumental Masons: John Tregoning Burns (1836-1907), George Burns (1878-1960)
  2. The First Bell Ringer: George Hurford (1832-1916)
  3. Father & Daughter Medical Doctors: Dr Roy Dadson Mulvey MC (1889-1952), Dr Margaret Mulvey AM (1916-2001)
  4. Lagoon Farming Family: Walter John Daymond (1874-1946), Gordon John Daymond (1907-2007), Harold George (Sam) Daymond (1908-1987)
  5. Medical Specialists: Dr Walter Jaques Stack DSO (1884-1972), Dr Ralph George Bryant Cameron (1913-2006)
  6. Coachman & Philanthropist: John Ratcliffe Ford (1829-1890)
  7. Business & Community Leader: Arthur Buller James (1850-1931)
  8. Community Service: Eric William Alfred Sargeant BEM (1909-2007), John Kevin Patrick Ireland OAM (1929-2015)
  9. Greek Born Bathurstians: Efthemia Venardos (1921-2019), Theo Con Venardos (1912-1994)

Photo Courtesy of Bathurst Regional Council

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