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Businesses are Doing What They Can in Lithgow

A number of local businesses are offering a range of their products during the lockdown period. Last week’s snap lockdown forced those deemed ‘unessential’ to close their doors following dramatic rises in COVID19 cases in the state. Business owners have creatively adjusted to restrictions by offering a range of items for customers to purchase through contactless pick up or delivery. 

‘Spynx Nail Salon’ is offering home care nail packs, wax melts and gift vouchers. They are also offering nail remover packs for if the lockdown continues. Customers can order by sending message through Facebook. Spynx will then organise payment and delivery or pick up at 2 locations on certain days and times.  

“Lockdown is hard, but we will get through it. We did this before. If everyone supports some of those little businesses during lockdown, it can help them out. Some people may think $10 or $ 20 won’t do much but in fact it will.” Business owner Belinda Hollington said.  

‘Naturally by Nature’ is ensuring that their customers that rely on sensitive and natural skin products do not have to go without. They are also offering their organic baby products and non-toxic cleaning products. Customers are able to pay over the phone and organise contactless pick up at the shopfront at a pre-arranged time. Delivery options are also available for Lithgow residents. Business owner Kelley, like many other businesses is feeling the pressure of the lockdown. Christmas is looming closer and adding to current pressures for businesses. “I will be ok for 7 days but if lockdown continues it will make it very difficult. Covid has put a lot of pressure on all parts of Business. I have had to put in Xmas orders to companies already. We will only get one drop of product from each company, so for me this means trying to work out quantities of stock now. Normally I would be able to do 2- 4 orders from September to December. I have already ordered thousands of dollars of stock and I need the next 12 weeks of trade to pull me through financially to sustain not only my normal stock orders, but Xmas as well.” Kelley said. 

‘Bianca Villa’ have been offering sales online through their Facebook and Instagram pages. The homewares shop is offering laybys via bank transfer or telephone. Bianca Villa are offering free contactless delivery within 5km’s. “We had already reduced our hours due to COVID-19 prior to the full lockdown. Our homewares shop does rely on tourism as well as our local customers. We have seen a downturn in sales since the full shutdown.” Business owners Renee and Maria Defranco said. “Our customers have been contacting us via inbox and purchasing. We are confident that once the shutdown has stopped, business should resume as normal.” Renee and Maria continued. 

Each of these business owners have a message for their customers and residents: 

  • Kelley (Naturally by Nature): “Please support us, make contact and order product. I am still here for you. Please Support your local small businesses, wherever and however you can. I love what I do, and my little shop, I want to share the vast range of Natural Products with you” 
  • Belinda (Sphynx Nail Studio): “I just want everyone to be safe and be kind we are all in this together.”  
  • Renee and Maria (Bianca Villa): “One point I would like to make that local should support their local shops after all this is over as a lot of shops are struggling.” 

There are also other businesses offering alternative arrangements during the lockdown. Tease hair salon and Lithgow technology services are also offering products, but were unable to confirm what they were at the time of writing. Please keep an eye on any local businesses pages to see if options are available

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