Club Lithgow Storm Damage Repairs Well Underway

The massive storm that inundated the Lithgow community on Tuesday 11th January this year is still having ramifications on businesses in the area.

One such business is Club Lithgow, and while their repairs are well underway, the Club may not be open until the end of March at the earliest.

Chief Executive Officer of Club Lithgow, Karren Jamieson, was on a well-earned break in Tasmania when the storm stuck the town in January. After being there for only 4 days with her family she received the devastating phone call that the Club was flooded due to the storm and most of the renovations that had been carried out over the last two years were ruined.

“I couldn’t believe it”, said Karren. “I left the family in Tasmania and returned to Lithgow immediately to survey the damage and start the long road to recovery. It was heartbreaking to see all the good work that had been carried out during lockdown had been ruined”

Club Lithgow had only been open again and trading under the new COVID conditions for three months before the storm hit. Members had started frequenting the venue for bowls, recreation, and social occasions and life was beginning to look a little more normal again. Events were being planned and life had started back up again in the Club.

“To have such a setback like the storm happen to us all at such a vulnerable time was very disappointing,” continued Karren. “We have had to take up all the carpets across the Club, as well as replace the wiring, reception and gaming room. Thankfully, the bars and kitchen escaped relatively unharmed.”

“The gaming room destruction was particularly upsetting as this area had been totally reformed over the last two years at considerable expense,” Karren said.

Other areas of damage to the Club included gyprocked walls, a destroyed carpark and major damage to the bowling greens.

One thing Karren is thankful for is that Club Lithgow was adequately insured which means that at they will return bigger and better than ever.

“I would like to assure the members of Club Lithgow and Lithgow residents in general that the Club is under no threat of permanent closure and that we are all working very hard to reach our opening date of the end of March. Members and locals alike will be able to return to a fresh, functional and vibrant Club that will continue to offer its premium service to the community as a sporting and social venue,” Karren concluded.

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