New Mayor in Lithgow

After a long counting process, the tally is finally in for Lithgow City Council

Five Councillors were able to return to the Chamber and will be joined by four new faces.

The nine elected councillors are: Maree Statham, Col O’Connor, Darryl Goodwin, Cass Coleman, Eric Mahony, Deanna Goodsell, Stephen Lesslie, Stuart McGhie and Almudena Bryce.

An overwhelming public showing for returning Councillor, Maree Statham, enabled three of her running mates to be elected in Col O’Connor, Stuart McGhie and Almudena Bryce. Cass Coleman’s number two, Eric Mahony, will also join the Council.

Lithgow City Council met on Wednesday night to elect a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor, with a history making result.

Councillor Statham and Councillor Darryl Goodwin nominated for the position, with Councillor Statham winning the vote 7 votes to 2.

Councillor Goodwin also nominated as Deputy Mayor along with Councillor Cassandra Coleman, with Councillor Coleman winning the vote 6 votes to 3.

This is the first time there is an all female leadership team in Council.

Mayor Statham addressed the Chambers following her election to thank all her team and supporters and family for their commitment throughout her campaign, and shared her vision for Councillors to work together and move Lithgow forward.

Council also voted to change any future By-Election to operate on a count back system, ensuring that costly by-elections will not be necessary if a Councillor position becomes available in the first 18 months.

Council will now go into recess for Christmas and return for the first meeting in January.

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