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New Councilors for Bathurst

Experience and enthusiasm combine in new Council for Bathurst.

Four incumbents were returned to Bathurst Council in the recent Local Government elections, along with five new voices, bringing an exciting mix experience and enthusiasm to the Council chambers for the coming term.

The Council consists of Ben Fry, Kirralee Burke, Robert “Stumpy” Taylor, Andrew “Struthy” Smith, Ian North, Marg Hogan, Graeme Hanger, Jess Jennings and Warren Aubin.

The fresh faces secured large numbers of the vote throughout the election process with Ben Fry’s ticket receiving 4943 votes above the line. The overwhelming response was the community supports change, and Mr Fry now needs to decide whether he will put his hand up for the Mayoral election at Thursday’s meeting of Council to elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

“I feel there is an opportunity to reflect the strong community support shown at the polls in to a more tangible change in leadership at Council, but we will see what happens on the night,” said Mr Fry.

The meeting will be streamed via Council’s YouTube channel.

Pictured: Ben Fry and Kirralee Burke.

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