The Final Bow at May Raechelle Art Gallery

The last artist to exhibit with us in 2021 will be Maxine Chapman from Blayney NSW. Maxine will also be the final artist to exhibit with May Raechelle Art Gallery in Millthorpe, as we close our doors in February 2022.

It is fitting that we finish with Maxine as she was one of the first local artists to exhibit with us at the beginning of our local art journey way back in 2017.

Maxine brings lively color to our walls with her bright and vivid acrylic paintings. Birds and bovines are the most popular among her works and she will be exhibiting those and many more snippets from her imagination.

Maxine has lived in the local area most of her life and gets inspiration from the rural setting.

“I love nature and I love to paint nature. Now that I’ve retired from work I have so much more time just to sit outside and watch nature happen around me. It’s moving me to do more art, so I’m busier now than when I was working!”

And don’t forget that Maxine is not only arty but she is crafty as well. She (and Mum Elaine) will have handicrafts for sale such as baby clothes, bibs, tea towels, teapot cosies, aprons, oven mitts, pot holders and more. The gals use high quality materials with fabulous colors and patterns to suit any décor.

“In the evenings it’s so relaxing to get out the crochet needles and start creating. In fact, it becomes such a natural thing that I can get caught up watching the TV and not realize I’ve just been automatically crocheting.”

“Mum and I often get together to knit or sew. We can catch up on world events – it’s like we’re googling each other, or just sit quietly together working on our individual pieces. It’s our own little sewing club!”

Maxine’s exhibition begins on Thursday 4 November and will run until the end of 2021at May Raechelle Art Gallery, Millthorpe.

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