We’re Back – Bathurst’s Community JP Desk to reopen 12th October.

Given the lifting of lockdown (Covid Health restrictions) which is expected to take place next week (11th October) along with many other things that will re-commence the Community JP Desk in the Bathurst City Centre will again be able to assist clients face to face who need JP services.

“We have never been closed” Stuart Driver said.  The JP’s have provided a remote service to the public during lockdown.  This has included witnessing documents remotely using audio visual links.  Like many other services, it was too risky for JP’s to operate face to face in lockdown areas – so were deemed a ‘non essential service’ – this made it very difficult for those who needed our services but a change in legislation now allows for remote witnessing of documents.

Going forward this will allow us to extend our services to those who are unable to attend the desk – for whatever reason.  “If you have a genuine reason not to be able to come to see us, but need documents witnessed, all you will need to do is call, or email bathurst@nswja.org.au and a JP will contact you and arrange for a virtual meeting using audio visual link (zoom or skype)” Stuart said.

Otherwise, the JP Community desk will resume without any change to its traditional operating hours in the same location in the main concourse of the Bathurst City Centre, that is Tuesday afternoon (3.30pm to 6pm) Thursday evenings (5pm to 7pm) and Saturday mornings (9am to 12 noon). 

We thank the community and our many clients for their understanding and patience during this difficult time.  It remains also that without the volunteer JP’s, strong support of Specsavers and the Bathurst City Centre this service would not be possible.

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