Lithgow community welcomes its newest citizens

On Friday 17 September 2021, Lithgow City Council celebrated Australian Citizenship Day by holding an online citizenship ceremony for 15 conferees of our communities’ newest Australian citizens.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Australian Citizenship Day. On this day we celebrate the value and significance of Australian citizenship and the privileges and responsibilities it embodies.

Today we welcomed citizens from Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand.

 “It was an honour to preside over the ceremony today, we are a part of a diverse multicultural region and it’s our Australian Citizenship and values that forms the common bond that unites us.”

“I wish all of these new Australians the very best for the future and congratulate them on becoming Australian citizens,” said Mayor Thompson .

The Mayor welcomed:

  • Francesco Di Franco             
  • Manohar Jacob                         
  • Widya Kaliman                          
  • Mark Anthony Legaspi          
  • Jasaveer Singh                    
  • Thavy Tres                             
  • Juanito Dicdiquin Revalde     
  • Luisita Revalde       
  • John Louie Lafuente Revalde 
  • Jesse Revalde                      
  • Pornnapa Pholyiam               
  • Sawairin Yaipeng                  
  • Roland Joseph McArthy
  • Kusuma Pholyiam
  • Paolo Miguel Deloso Lacson
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