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Hogan says Raglan in desperate need of some TLC

After a week of connecting with local villages as part of her Community Conversation series in the lead up to the local election, Marg Hogan has highlighted a number of important local issues and Raglan is at the top of her list. 

“The area that is really crying out for some attention is the Raglan community,” Marg Hogan said.

“While other areas have benefited from improved parks and activities, Raglan residents believe their neighbourhood has been sorely neglected.”

On the weekend, the State heritage listed Raglan Railway Station was vandalised with graffiti drawing the ire of the local and wider community, providing further proof that action is needed.

“Just the day before, I had been discussing with the locals the need for repairs to their cricket nets. They would love to have a basketball court or some footy posts or soccer nets. Nets and posts aren’t big ticket items but they would go a long way to keeping the local kids entertained,” Hogan said.

“The fencing on their dog park isn’t safe so there’s no place to let their dogs run off leash.

“One of other significant issues for the community is the fact that a semi-trailer driver training truck parks near the Raglan toilet block each afternoon at 2.50pm and then drives through the school zone as the kids are leaving school.  If I had littlies out there, I’d be furious about that too.

“It is obvious that the people who live in Raglan love living there and only want the best for their community. It’s time for BRC to give Raglan some TLC,” Hogan added.

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