LLS Board Applications

Applications are now open for those interested in joining the boards of Local Land Services (LLS).

If you have an interest in strategically growing agricultural productivity, healthy environments and sustainable communities, you are encouraged to apply for the board chairs and local board member positions.

There are 10 LLS Board and 12 local board member roles available, with LLS Board members also chairing the local boards. 

Applications close Sunday, 17 December. More information about the Local Land Services board positions at: https://iworkfor.nsw.gov.au


The NSW Government is urging people to be alert to cybercriminals targeting busy online shoppers ahead of Christmas.

Consumers should be wary of ‘impersonation scams’ where perpetrators seek to trick victims into thinking they are from well-known businesses or organisations, as well as even pretending to be a friend or family member wanting to access personal information.

Urgent requests for personal details or money, an apparently legitimate business asking for different bank details from previous payments, and messages threatening immediate arrest or deportation are all examples of impersonation scams.

Also, be cautious when opening emails and text messages – if you are unsure if the message is legitimate, contact the sending organisation using details listed on the organisation’s website or another public platform.

Other steps include not opening or downloading any attachments or apps, as these can install malicious software on a computer or phone, and keeping an eye out for slight variations in Caller or Sender IDs like dots, special characters, or numbers.

For more information, visit ID Support NSW: www.nsw.gov.au/id-support-nsw

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