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Why we need to celebrate the winners in our region

Rob Cluff, Winner!

This issue is full of winners, none bigger than the humble family behind the success of Black Gold in Wallerawang. 

I spoke to Rob Cluff a couple of days before the big event and he was saying that he wasn’t sure they had much of a chance, there were some really big businesses they were up against, but what I think Rob was missing, as most real winners do, was just how great his business is. How much impact it has on the community. How the employees and friends of the business were all rooting for them, because we wanted them to win.

Some are humble because they have a fear of the great Australian Tall Poppy Syndrome, but let’s call that out for what it is – jealousy. As a small business owner that has sacrificed so much over the years, I know I sometimes don’t put up in lights some of our wins, because people think we are ‘getting too big for their boots’.

Rob however, much like myself, is clearly trying to grow his business for his family to provide for them, but also, a goal far beyond that, to make this part of the world a better place.

The way the Black Gold business has grown is an extraordinary story, and now with Brad following firmly along in his fathers footsteps, this region will have winners for years to come if we celebrate them, support them and most importantly learn from them.

Congratulations Rob, Linda, Brad, Emily and the entire family and team. Take all the accolades and be proud of them, because those that know you well are right behind you and will support you all the way.

Your win in these awards, the new developments taking place on our doorstep and the winds of change sweeping through our region are all heralding a new beginning, building on our legacy, and taking us forward to a prosperous regional future.

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