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Education Week 2023

This week we are celebrating 175 years of public education in NSW, focusing on learnings from our past and embracing the future of education.

In 175 years, the public school system in NSW has grown from one to more than 2,000 schools offering students both primary and secondary education. This access to school has changed our society for the better, allowing everyone the right to an education and has given children the resources they need to grow, thrive and become productive adults.

None of this would be possible without the dedication and care of our teachers. I want to thank every past, present and studying to be teacher that has powered the public school system for almost two centuries. They have developed and shaped multiple generations, and this impact could never be underestimated.

Looking forward, I want to see our education system prepare young people to be agile thinkers and lifelong learners from the first days in early childhood education to post-school pathways.

Please join me in thanking teachers, principals, support staff and those associated with the education system this Education Week.

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