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Be Safe, Not Sorry – Smoke Alarms

This winter, check your smoke alarms and heating devices to protect your family from house fire risk.

In most house fires this winter; toxic smoke is a more immediate threat to life than the flames. The cocktail of gases within the smoke is more likely to kill you before the heat from the fire does. Smoke inhalation is suspected to be a significant factor in many of the deaths from house fires.

One of the key ways residents can protect themselves is by making sure they have a working smoke alarm. If you’re asleep when a fire breaks out, smoke won’t wake you up, but a smoke alarm will.

A working smoke alarm can be the difference between life and death. Please check in with your loved ones, including elderly relatives, neighbours and friends, to ensure they have a working smoke alarm.

For expert assistance in safeguarding your home, call FRNSW to discuss booking a fire safety visit. If you don’t have smoke alarms installed, the FRNSW crews can fit them for you.

FRNSW advises the public to:

  • Check and maintain smoke alarms once installed;
  • Keep any drying clothes or anything flammable at least a metre from the heater;
  • Clean and maintain any fireplaces;
  • Do not use outdoor heating or cooking equipment inside your home;
  • Check electric blankets are safe for use, and never go to bed or leave home with your electric blanket on;
  • Do not overheat wheat bags in the microwave;
  • Do not overload power boards;
  • Clean the lint filter from your clothes dryer after each use;
  • Never leave cooking unattended;
  • Always use candles under adult supervision and do not leave them unattended where possible;
  • Ensure you have a ‘home fire escape plan” and practice it regularly with your family; and
  • If a fire does occur, get out, stay out and call Triple Zero (000).


The annual Bathurst Winter Festival will begin this weekend and extend across all sixteen winter school holidays days. There is fun for all the family with ice skating, carnival rides, night illuminations, and market stalls.

In 2023 the festival has expanded to include attractions such as the ‘Kaleidoscope’ mirror maze along with old favourites with night markets, food events and, of course, ice skating.

The businesses and residents of our electorate embrace the festival each year, adding more activities to the program, including events, shows and workshops for children and adults to enjoy.

I encourage everyone to visit the festival over the coming weeks and join in the winter magic. More information can be found at

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