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Lifestyle expo to lure new blood to Lithgow


Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce hopes to lure a host of new families and empty nesters to the town to help fill the gap created by the exiting coal and thermal power generation industries.

Its Lithgow Business & Lifestyle Expo will be held on May 6 and 7.

Chamber vice-president Steve Ring said: “Lithgow is known as the cradle of industrial Australia, with a long history of coal mining, cement production, iron, steel and more, and we’re very proud of that.

“But that era is coming to a close and we need to reinvent ourselves and be ready for a vibrant new future.

“Part of that future is in tourism.’’

Lithgow has vast tracts of land ready for new clean industries such as tourism attractions and hotels, and all the services and facilities businesses and residents need.

With plenty of space, leisure activities, national parks and state forests, Lithgow is a desirable location to live, work and play.

Upgrades to the Great Western Highway have cut road travel time to Lithgow from Sydney CBD to less than 2.5 hours, with further upgrades to the highway and the Bells Line of Road, along with other road infrastructure planned, while trains run direct from Central.

“Then there’s the $30 billion Western Sydney International Airport that will bring Lithgow even closer to Australia’s newest global gateway and reduce transport costs further,’’ Mr Ring said.

“We need to take advantage of these opportunities and control our own future or risk others doing it for us.’’

Several major projects that would further revitalise the Lithgow economy and help attract newcomers to the area include the $50 million-dollar National Parks & Wildlife Service Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area project and The Portland Foundations heritage reactivation and subdivision of the former cement factory.

There are significant plans being prepared to repurpose the former Wallerawang thermal power station by Greenspot.

Mr Ring encouraged locals to also visit the expo on May 6 and 7 to learn about businesses, services and attractions they may not know about and “welcome prospective friends and family considering making the treechange to Lithgow’’.

Lithgow Business & Lifestyle Expo will be held at The Foundations Portland, Williwa St, Portland, on May 6 and 7. Details:

This event is made possible under the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund, co-funded by the Australian Government and NSW Government.

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