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Kim Kelly ‘The Rat Catcher’ Oberon’s latest Author Talk

‘It is uplifting to know that there are people who can write like this, with clarity, a bit of devilment and a hint of a smile. Why can’t more people write like this?’ – The Age

Well-deserved praise for Millthorpe author Kim Kelly who will be at the Oberon Library on Friday 10th March to introduce her latest book The Rat Catcher: A Love Story, described as ‘a mischievous, fast-paced fable told with an irrepressible love for life, in all its marvellous forms. Set at the turn of the nineteenth century it follows the challenges, essential if unsavoury, faced by a young Irish immigrant to win over the girl of his dreams.

Of the twelve books Kim Kelly has written many are tributes to her ancestry, traced back to country Australia and Ireland. Best seller ‘Wild Chicory’ reflects the bonds between Irish mothers, daughters, and grandmothers.

 Kim is also a book editor working for major Australia’s major publishing houses. Good news is that The Rat Catcher is longlisted for the prestigious ARA Historical Novel Prize (which was previously won by Thomas Kenelly). She is undertaking graduate research in Australian Creative Writing at Macquarie University and a short story has been shortlisted for Overland’s celebrated Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize.

Kim Kelly’s talk presented by Oberon Library and Friends of Oberon Library (FOOLs) is at 5pm on Friday 10th March at the temporary Library St Barnabas Anglican Church Hall Oberon Street.  Partake of delicious light refreshments! Book your place Oberon Library on 6329 8220 or Kathy Sajowitz on 0428 543 693

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