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150th Birthday of Raglan Station this week      

The 4th of March 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of the opening of the “first” railway station at Raglan, 8kms from Bathurst.

The Raglan Station Restoration Committee is pleased to announce an important milestone for this State heritage listed gem, and encourages everyone to visit the site firsthand. An informative information brochure is obtainable at the Bathurst Rail Museum and the Bathurst Visitors Centre.

Background and History

The building of the railway line from Sydney had reached Raglan on 4th March 1873, with the first station at the end of Elephant Street, now called Locke Street. The structure was a temporary building of brick and timber and was used until 1890. Raglan’s first Station was the terminus of the Great Western Line from its opening until March 1876 when the Bathurst station was opened.

The new Raglan Railway Station, which we see today, opened 20th October, 1890 and closed on 18th April, 1988.

The “new” Raglan Station is an interesting site as it is non-standard and built at a time when the railway administration was radically changing and the first use of standard buildings was being introduced. It is important, illustrating the change of design and policy. The station building is the last remaining Type 9 in NSW. It is a non-standard timber building with brackets and a tin roof. The station has an island platform made from brick. Raglan railway station was listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999.

On 26 March 2019 a community meeting was called with all stakeholders attending, including John Holland Rail, Bathurst Regional Council, The National Trust, railway groups and Raglan residents. The concern was that the station building was rapidly deteriorating, in danger of demolition by neglect, and was becoming an eyesore.

Issues were discussed and identified, and the community’s wishes were recorded. An activation committee was established. An internet facebook group with over 300 members was also established, enabling views to be further expressed, and many historic and current photos to be published. A Strategic Plan has been prepared to define strategies and actions for the development of projects, policies, procedures, programs and other initiatives that will contribute to preserving and enhancing Raglan’s historic heritage

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