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Captain Starlight Lands in WNSWLHD

The Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) is extremely excited to welcome the Starlight Children’s Foundation into its hospitals with the launch of Planet Starlight.

Anne Field WNSWLHD Acting Director of Integrated Care, said it will be wonderful for childrenthroughout the district to have access to Starlight and their resources.

“Captain Starlight will be virtually beaming into to our services, through the Planet Starlight
platform from today. The virtual service will mean children have an engaging positive
distraction while in our facilities,” Mrs Field said.

Imogen Aitken, Starlight National Manager Program Development said distraction and fun, as well as feeling a sense of achievement, recognition and connection are important for
hospitalised kids.

“We developed Planet Starlight so that we could use our expertise to meet the needs of kids
spending time in hospital right across Australia, not just in the major cities. Our goal is that any child spending time in hospital can benefit directly from an ‘on demand’, interactive Captain Starlight experience anywhere, anytime”.

“We’re excited to expand the reach and impact of our Captain Starlight program into regions
like the Western NSW LHD to bring happiness to even more sick kids, especially when we
can’t always be there face-to-face.”

Planet Starlight was officially launched today at Dubbo Health Service, while concurrently
being rolled out at Bathurst and Orange Health Services.

“Being in hospital can be a scary and stressful time, especially for kids. We hope Planet
Starlight will be able to ease this for them while they’re with us”, Mrs Field said.

Mum of four, Amie Gough said Starlight has played a positive role in their hospital stays in

“The Starlight Express Room has always been a “happy escape” for Millie away from the ward, operating theatre and clinics that she needs to attend due to her complex medical situation,” Ms Gough said.

“I will often use it as a positive reward or goal for her to focus on in and around her medical
care and she is very motivated by it. Once she walks into that room, she lights up and
forgets about her pain, many procedures and confronting treatments or conversations with
many specialists that become her reality.”

“It’s bright, fun, magical and most of all very positive. The humour and light brought to her day by Captains Starlight and other team members is enough to change her mood and focus
entirely while distracting her long enough to be able to cope with what’s ahead.”

“If she is unwell or unable to come to the room, the Starlight TV channel and bedside visits
from Captains Starlight always bring warmth and laughter to the room. I feel this will be great for rural and remote kids to have access to the program through the Planet Starlight platform, with similar results for kids in regional and rural hospitals,” Mrs Gough said.

The virtual platform is available on any smart device and will offer four live shows a day.

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