New Computer Coffee Club launching at Bathurst Library

Bathurst Library is launching an initiative in 2023 aimed at helping residents become more confident with digital technology.

The library’s new Computer Coffee Club will be launched from 2-4pm on Wednesday
8 February as part of the NSW Seniors Festival. The Club is free to anyone
interested in improving their skills with smartphones, tablets or computers.

Manager Library Services Patou Clerc said the Computer Coffee Club is a chance to
learn more about technology in a relaxed, informal environment.

“Each month will look at a different topic and provide fun, hands-on activities to help
participants gain more confidence,” Ms Clerc said. “Our focus will be on taking things
slow and not overloading people with too much information. We also include a
free afternoon tea so it becomes a social outing and people can discover they are not
the only ones aspiring to discover more about technology.”

For more information about the Computer Coffee Club or to book your place, phone
the library on 6333 6281.

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