Year 7 – 11 Presentation Ceremony LHS

This year Joss Arkley-Smith received the Thales Dux Award for top combined marks for courses studied during Year 11 he also accepted the Dick Lancaster and the Alec Stanley Awards for Mathematics and Sciences. Joss was closely followed by fellow students Ella Mickklesson and Jenna Sheather receiving the Centennial Coal Consistent Endeavour Awards for 2nd and 3rd in Year 11. 

The Awards Ceremony recognises student’s hard work and dedication to their studies during the year with many prestigious awards covering academic, cultural, citizenship, scholarship, attendance, and many other top school achievements.

Thales Dux Awards 7 – 11

Year 11 – Joss Arkley-Smith

Year 10 – Daniel Rose

Year 9 – Blake Rose

Year 8 – Laken Crook

Year 7 – Alec Stanley Dux Award – Sally Rose

Centennial Coal Awards for 2nd and 3rd in Year 

Year 11 – Ella Mickklesson & Jenna Sheather

Year 10 – Jemima Rieken & Amy Gordon

Year 9 –   Amelie Aldridge & Lillian Reeves 

Year 8 – Joshua Van Prague & Nate Allan

Year 7 – Alexandra McLoughlan & Dustin Beckett & Eric Lyons equal 3rd 

Other Outstanding Awards:

Phil and Rose Duncan Senior Scholarships to assist students to transition to senior school: Noah Sharp, Lewis Ariki, Taylor Zorz & Roxanna Wilson

Wesley Anderson Communication & Media Award – Amy Gordon

Daniel Rose – Australian Defence Force Award for Teamwork and Leadership

Taliya Tauolo Fuamatu – Australian Defence Force Award for Teamwork and Leadership – Portland CS 

Jenna Sheather and Victoria Clutterham – Dr Judy White Memorial Scholarship for further education in science 

Joss Arkley-Smith – Alec Stanley Memorial Award for Sciences & Dick Lancaster Award Memorial Award for Mathematics

EnergyAustralia Awards for school Citizenship

Year 11 – Hayley Wootton-Strickland, Year 10 – Luke Doran, Year 9 – Marijke Mcloughlan, Year 8 – Marcelle Pearce, Year 7 – Annabelle Hampton

P&C Encouragement Awards

Year 11 Danae Wood, Year 10 Charlotte Peterson, Year 9 Bronte Johnston, Year 8 Lara Fullgrabe, Year 7 Hannah Wallace

Workies Award for Citizenship

Year 11 – Charlotte Dunn, Year 10 – Kade Anderson, Year 9 – Sarah Lyons, Year 8 – Laken Crook, Year 7 – Halle Brown

LJ Hooker STEAM Awards – Year 11 – Thomas Matchett, Year 10 – Daniel Rose, Year 9 – Lily McBain, Year 8 – Yvette Merlino, Sally Rose – Year 7,

Musical Society Award

Year 11 Ollyvar Baker, Year 10 Alexandra Fitzgerald, Year 9 Amelie Aldridge, Year 8 Jane Doran, Year 7 Eric Lyons

Barry F Cosier Memorial Award for Outstanding results in English

Year 11 Ella Mickklesson, Year 10 Jemima Reicken, Year 9 Lily McBain, Year 8 Joshua Van Praag, Year 7 Isabelle Hardie

Chelsea Rattenbury – Western Sydney University Most Improved Year 11 Student

Jenna Sheather – Kelvin and Robert Loundar Memorial Award for Music 

Jack Curran- Bailey Family Award for Improved Academic and Sportsmanship 

Ollyvar Baker – Charles Sturt University Yindyamarra Winhanganha Award

Bradyn Lewis – C F Haywood Memorial Prize for History

Danae Wood – Zig Zag Motel & Frankie’s Restaurant & Business Studies Lithgow Garden Club Claire Tilley – Award for Outstanding results in Agriculture

Shifa Hargi – Blue Mountains Law Society Award

Ally Taylor & Lachlan Hustwayte – Le Fevre & Co Solicitors Most Improved in English

Jenna Benjamin – View Club Award for Technology

Amelie Aldridge – Premiers Reading Challenge Medal

Tayah Crook– Quota Club Award for Citizenship

Deklin Unsworth – Automotive Award Consistently Striving to do their Best 

Joel Lamb – Automotive Award

Makayla Martin – A P Diehm Award for SRC

Paige Lowry – View Club Award Technology mandatory 

Luke Doran – Lithgow Lions Club Award – Excellence in Performing Arts

Matilda Morgan Yr 8 & Alexandra McLoughlan Yr 7 – Bunnings award excellent attendance and consistent application in class

Marley Warren – Andrew Gee Agriculture Award

Sports Awards

Tallan Egan – Merv Rayner Award Best & Fairest Rugby League Player

Ryan Wells – Doug Moffit Memorial Award – Sportsman of the Year

Citations for Special Awards

Phil and Rose Duncan Senior Scholarships to assist students to transition to senior school awarded to Noah Sharp, Lewis Ariki, Taylor Zorz & Roxanna Wilson (absent from photo).

Phil Duncan is an ex LHS student who has had a significant and lasting impact on students at Lithgow High School by donating annual awards each year in the form of a monetary scholarship. 

His encouragement of students and his commitment to Lithgow High school demonstrates his strong belief that if given a chance anyone can shine. Phil’s generous nature and ability to make students believe in themselves has been demonstrated on many occasions at our presentation days. Phil and Rose apologised they were unable to present these special awards in person.


Victoria Clutterham and Jenna Sheather accepted the Dr Judy White scholarship provided by Lithgow Quota Club. 

Dr White (OAM) was a well-respected local doctor and Quotarian.

The monetary scholarship is provided to two hardworking and dedicated science students to assist them with their educational journey.

Wesley Anderson Communication & Media Award presented to Amy Gordon in Year 10.

Wes was instrumental in starting the Lithgow Community Broadcasters back in 2003 with Kevin Stapleton. His passion was to bring music and stories of interest to the citizens of Lithgow. 

He spent a lot of time fundraising and upgrading equipment, sourcing media to produce the best quality broadcast. Wes was the voice of the station, and his dedication was beyond many. 

To honour his memory and dedication the Anderson family awarded this scholarship to a student exemplifying these values.

Alec Stanley Award for Science was presented to Joss Arkley-Smith of Year 11.

Mr Alec Stanley was a Science Teacher at Lithgow High School from 1970 to 1986 and Head of the Science Department from 1972 until his retirement.

He was passionate about the State Education system and this award is to encourage students in Year 11 with a particular interest in the sciences.

He emigrated from England in 1969 to Lithgow and lived here until he passed away in 2001. His five children were educated at Lithgow High School. This award is kindly donated by his family.


It is with extreme appreciation that we thank our generous community Breakfast Club benefactors.

Lithgow Workies Club made a most generous donation in 2021 and again in 2022. More recently Westfund Private Health Fund and Centennial Coal have joined them in their charitable sponsorship of students in need at Lithgow High School.

We thank these organisations, as what you do for our students makes a profound difference to their daily lives and their ability to concentrate, learn and thrive.

Unlike other local schools who provide free daily breakfast, at Lithgow High we provide breakfast and food throughout the day for students.

Students can come to the Hub and make themselves food or participate in cooking and sharing food themselves.

These donations have provided great scope for students to plan, research recipes, budget, order supermarket food online, cook, eat, and share food with others. We also have a Hub Recipe book with a compilation of all our tried-and-true recipes.

We would also like to thank Debbie Rayner, from Headspace New Leaf Program, who cooks with students, inspires them, and makes food to share, our Student Support Officer Lisa Hawkins and the wonderful Hub SLSO’s who order and collect food and cook with our students daily. This initiative wouldn’t be the success it is without their support.

The Lithgow Community has faced many challenges and adversity over the last few years, and it is most heartening when local businesses rally to support our town.

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