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Communication students showcase theatre production of Frankenstein

A reimagined student theatre production of Mary Shelley’s story of Frankenstein will have five performances at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst starting on Wednesday 28 September

A reimagined student theatre production of 19th century novelist Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein will play at the Ponton Theatre at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst starting on Wednesday 28 September. This is the first third-year production for Bathurst campus after Covid-19 disrupted the theatre. It is also one of the largest cast productions for on-campus theatre.

The final-year theatre media/communication students in the Charles Sturt School of Information and Communication Studies have adapted and recontextualised for a modern audience Mary Shelley’s tale of scientist Victor Frankenstein and his invented ‘creature’.

The production is set in post-WWI Australia and grounds the timeless text in a familiar space and touches on poignant issues in both the 1930s and the world in 2022.

Theatre media students have crafted this theatre production to showcase their skills to potential employers in the Australian theatre industry. They are grateful to be able to do this since Covid put a halt to theatre, for most cast members, this is their first time involved in a production since.

Frankenstein is a recognisable story, is on the Australian HSC curriculum and will attract attention from the audience wishing to see a new twist on a classic tale.

Final-year theatre media student Ms Leila Broughton and director of the Frankenstein production said the story of Frankenstein, while not new to the Australian stage, is not a frequent visitor, which makes the specific telling fresh and unique to Australian audiences.

“Its themes play with the creation of life in relation to mortality, the ethics of science and the hubris of mankind,” Ms Broughton said.

“Our objective is to relate these themes in a new way, by connecting them to relevant instances, such as ongoing climate catastrophes, the recent 2022 US Supreme Court overturning of the landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade case, and the ongoing efforts to create ‘sentient’ artificial intelligence (AI)”.

“Set in Tasmania in the 1930s, our adaptation of Frankenstein will touch on poignant issues in both the 30s and our world in 2022”.

“The original novel was made famous through its gothic tone and themes, which we’ve chosen to expand upon by romanticising the Australian Gothic”.

“Using imagery of Australian landscapes, Frankenstein will be unique, beautiful, and resonate with audiences.”

There will be five performances of Frankenstein at the Ponton Theatre at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst starting at 7pm on Wednesday 28 September.

Other performance dates and times are Thursday 29 September at 7pm, Friday 30 September at 7pm, and Saturday 1 October at 2pm and 7pm.

Tickets will be available to purchase at the door and available online at General Admission tickets are $15.00, and Student Admission are $10.00. When purchasing online, ticket buyers will be charged an additional 50c on top of the ticket price for each ticket.

Extra information about the production, updates, and information on ticketing will be posted on  CSU Frankenstein Production  , our event Facebook page. The main cast includes Richie King as Frankenstein; Crow Gabriel as The Creature; Charlie Kellaway as Fritz; Tristan Gale as Henry Clerval; Myah Whalmsey as Elizabeth; and Kiara Bennett as Agatha.

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