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Bathurst Remembers World War 2 Exhibition

Some of Bathurst resident Noel Cowan’s extensive collection of SOUVENIR MOVIE PROGRAMS (from Australia’s largest collection) will be on display at Bathurst Showground, August 12-15, 2022.  

This is when, WORLD WAR 2 themed SOUVENIR MOVIE PROGRAMS will be on display during the ‘Bathurst Remembers World War 2 Exhibition 2022’, marking VJ Day and the end of WW2.  

SOUVENIR MOVIE PROGRAMS were magazine-size booklets and were originally on sale at Theatres or Picture Palaces, as they were sometimes called (called cinemas today). This was from the early silent era of movies, to mostly the late 60’s in Australia. Noel’s display will have between 60-70 of these on show, where the public can see these historically significant items by viewing their covers, many of which have striking graphics.  

Included are programs for Since YouWent Away (1944) from legendary producer David O. Selznick and The Story of GI Joe (1945) as well as from World War 2 movies made in the decades after the war, including Tora Tora Tora and The Bridge on the River Kwai.  Many of these were only available to first-run city theatres in major US or UK cities, a rare exhibit for the Australian public.To add contrast, he has included some extremely rare vintage film fan magazines from the period, as well as programs for other non-war films and serials made during those war years.  Program titles include Walt Disney’s Fantasia (1940) and Ziegfeld Follies (1945) starring Judy Garland.

They contain wonderful snapshots of the stars and movie scenes with interesting stories about filmmaking processes, etc. These were only available in Australia during first release seasons. Noel is looking for a suitable venue and location to display these stunning programs, for longer periods, on a rotating basis, to the public. They cover 100 years of movie making history from 1915 onwards from all film genres. This could be a stand alone exhibit, or as a striking background to another. Enquiries… 0408 742991. 

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