Share the Dignity celebrates milestones in Woolworths partnership

Today marks the beginning of Share the Dignity’s bi-annual Dignity Drive, an initiative delivered in partnership with Woolworths for the fourth year running.

Woolworths’ commitment to eradicating period poverty will see them reach two significant milestones this month, donating half a million period products and installing its 100th Dignity Vending Machine.

Since 2019, Woolworths have donated five cents from the sale of every period product during the months of March and August to fund Dignity Vending Machines across the country. Dignity Vending Machines dispense free packs of pads and tampons, and are located in schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, women’s refuge centres and other community organisations where there is a need.

Share the Dignity Founder and Managing Director Rochelle Courtenay said that the support of Woolworths has been essential in the fight to end period poverty.

“We are so proud to continue our partnership with Woolworths this year and celebrate these incredible achievements,” Ms Courtenay said.

“When I first started Share the Dignity, I wanted to forever change the way that people walked the sanitary aisles. Woolworths have played a significant role in this, in breaking down the shame and stigma surrounding periods, and in ensuring that no women or girl goes without the basic essentials.”

To encourage Australians to consider what it might be like to experience period poverty, this year’s Dignity Drive also aims to create conversation around the tough choices that some people must make every month through the ‘Would You Rather’ campaign.

“We know that when people are struggling financially, pads and tampons are often the first to be taken off the shopping list.

“We’ve heard so many stories of mothers who have chosen to go without so that they can buy pads for their daughter, or university students having to choose between filling up their car or buying tampons.

“Menstruation is not a choice, and no one should have to choose between buying food or other essentials, and products to manage their period with dignity. So, when you’re shopping at Woolworths this month, please consider adding an extra pack to your trolley for someone who may be doing it tough.”

Supporters can drop-off donations at all local Woolworths stores and a number of nominated businesses nationwide throughout March, or purchase a virtual pack of pads for $5 via the Share the Dignity website or make a cash donation using the charity donation buttons which are on all Woolworths checkouts.

Share the Dignity believes that those in need have the right to use the products they are most comfortable in using. All approved period products are accepted, such as pads, tampons, menstrual cups, period underwear and reusable pads, as well as incontinence products. Share the Dignity requires all period products to be in the original package.

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