NSW Deputy Premier and Member for Bathurst Paul has today officially opened Bathurst’s newest health practice.

There has never been a better time to invest in skills for your business with an outstanding leap in apprentice and trainee commencements directly driven by the Federal Government’s Boosting Apprenticeship Commencement Wage Subsidy Initiative which is coming to an end.

Apprentice and trainee commencements soared nationally in all industries by 114% in the 2021 June quarter. This boost is directly linked to the government subsidy that sees businesses save up to $28,000 in wages, while also developing skills for their business.

Skillset is now making a final call to regional businesses to take advantage of the wage subsidy as it comes to a close on 31 March 2022. The subsidy offers businesses a 50% wage subsidy for the first 12 months of a newly commenced or recommenced apprentice or trainee.

“Engaging a Group Training Organisation (GTO) to assist with the recruitment and employment of an apprentice or trainee comes with outstanding benefits for the Host Employer. Not only does the GTO undertake and manage all of the administrative and employer responsibilities of putting on an apprentice or trainee, but it has also been proven that engaging a GTO has maximised the level of completion success by providing direct support of the apprentice or trainee.” Said Skillset CEO, Craig Randazzo.

Craig also says “We encourage regional businesses to contact us immediately to find out more about the wage subsidy and benefits before time runs out. To recruit for an apprentice or trainee can take 4-6 weeks and therefore people need to act now to take advantage of the subsidy.”

Skillset is a Group Training Organisation and the largest employer of apprentices and trainees in western NSW. As a member of the Apprentice Employment Network NSW/ACT, Skillset joins 30 other members across the state who collectively employ over 6,500 apprentices and trainees.

To find out more about the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements package and how Skillset may be able to support individuals and businesses, call 1300 853 525 or email info@skillset.com.au

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