Roving Leo, Level 2021 Complete

Report from: My desk

Story filed:  level 2021 completed!

Congratulations player! you have completed level 2021 of the game of life. To continue to level 2022 continue to live. Great job! you have now unlocked level 2022 and don’t forget to check your inventory for new achievements and prizes. (Opens pocket) In your inventory space you have one stick of chewing gum, one movie ticket to the fast and the mildly frustrated and one booster pack. Hi there, Leo here, well done everyone. We’ve made it to level 2022. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy new year and are now ready to take on level 2022. It’s going to be great… Well, I don’t know if it’s going to be great, it could be bad or amazing, I can’t predict the future, all I’m hoping is that my school doesn’t go back to online learning, I just don’t feel like I learnt much last time we had to do it and communication was hard. Well, whatever happens, happens and that’s that. So far, level 2022 has been good, not too hard and on the 18th, I levelled up to level 14 so happy leveling up to me. It was good seeing you again and until we meet again.

Until next time 

Leo Roving Reporter

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