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La Niña and the Funky Picnics at the Park

Lithgow City Council invites you to keep an eye on the weather. “Funky Friday Picnic’s at “the Queeno” will be held from Friday 14th January 2022 and for the rest of the summer, from 6pm every Friday with no rain.

The sun is setting on a perfect day. The work week is forgotten. The weekend lies ahead, and La Niña decides to visit.  The relationship between La Niña and the Funky Picnics at the park is closely linked. This seasonal visitor has made our much anticipated Community gathering almost impossible.  This phenomenon, as we all have experienced in the last few months, has increased the rainfall across much of Australia and has caused flooding and serious damage in our Town.

The envisioning of this Funky Picnics with groups of friends, families, grandparents, and grandkids seated on the lawn while “The Lounge Catz Mini Big Band” creates the atmosphere, is still a challenge. Therefore, every Friday during this summer, Lithgow City Council invites you to check the weather, bring a blanket, your picnic basket and settle in for an evening of music and community connecting.

This event will be covid safe and check-in and guidelines will be in place. 

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