Roving Leo: Dreaming of the Future

Hi people, Leo here. Now that restrictions are easing and we’re allowed to go out and go back to school and work, I hope everyone is doing ok and that you’ve gotten to see other people.

Monday was the first day back at school and oh boy was it good to see my friends again and people in general. Really, what I’m looking forward to is traveling again. I’ve had enough of looking at the same streets, walls, roads and buildings.

What I need is to go somewhere else for a bit. Soon my family will be going on a holiday, probably in the school holidays so we have a while to go but I just hope nothing stops that holiday. As usual we will go down to Bermagui.

I sure can’t wait to be at the beach! We’ve then arranged to go and visit my Aunties, hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here on in. So folks don’t forget to go out, see some friends, and go to a park after being cooped up for all this time during lockdown. I’m sure we will all enjoy it.

Until next time 

Leo Roving, Reporter

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