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An Uncommon Path

As many of you know I have long been an advocate for destigmatizing Mental Health and have written at length in our publications about my own battles.

On the first of January this year, I locked myself away in a hotel room in Sydney and wrote. One of the benefits of having been in this publication business for the last 8 years is that writing is second nature to me now, so I wrote a lot. What came out of that was a manuscript for a book, The Uncommon – Tales of Resilience from the Frontlines of Life.

After many months of editing, rewriting things, making changes then undoing them, it has finally gone to the printers and is now being bought into the world.

When people have asked my what the book is about, I have referred to it as a philosophical memoir. Memoir, mainly because I have used examples and stories from my own life to illustrate the philosophies included in the book.

Rooted largely in Stoic philosophy with a little dash of Eastern philosophy, this book is the beginning of what I hope will eventually be my life work.

I have big goals for this project, and the book is the first step.

As with many things in my life I marked the occasion of finishing this first step with a tattoo.

Pictured is a tattoo that features Marcus Aurelius and the logo of The Uncommon together.

For more information or to pre-order your copy, you can visit

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