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Massive Field to Contest Bathurst Council Election

The Bathurst Council elections on Saturday 4 December are set to be the hottest contended elections in the region’s history with a total of 68 candidates vying for votes.

The recent Ballot order draws were thrown into disarray last week when some candidates were listed as running solo where the intention had been to run as a team.

All the teams have a focus on moving Bathurst forward, but with so many new candidates standing and some current Councillors further down on tickets, there is a good chance there will be new faces in the Chamber after the election.

The final ballot order will be (teams)

  • Balanced Bathurst: Ben Fry, Kirralee Burke, Charlie Dutton, Kelly Baker, Will Fitzpatrick
  • The Restore Bathurst Team: John Fry, Cathie Hale, James Blackwood, Sally Neaves, Rohan Hale
  • New Vision: Ian North, Lauren Sheraton, Bruce Walker, Emileah Cossu, Steven Ingwersen
  • Bathurst Matters: Stuart Pearson, Ingrid Pearson, Richard Hurford, Irene Hancock, Diana Stewart
  • Marg Hogan Team: Marg Hogan, Gerada Mader, Ashley Bland, Jim Beale, Dave Rankine
  • Team Hanger: Graeme Hanger, Amber Marks, Fiona Marwick, Erin Johns
  • Team Packham: Nick Packham, Sharon Sewell, Kevin Walker, Tina Mitchell, Kieran O’Dwyer
  • Better Bathurst: Jess Jennings, Jennifer Gray, Jacqui Rudge, Angus Thompson, Kate Smith
  • Back Bathurst: Robert ‘Stumpy’ Taylor, Andrew ‘Struthy’ Smith, Natalie Moase, Jim Connors, Scott Macallister
  • Geoff Fry Team: Geoff Fry, Kylie McKelvie, Rose Lajtar, Callum Campbell, Rob Quinn,
  • Change is Needed: Bob Singleton, Carol Lewington, Graham Withers, Dianne Austin, Joy Hinds
  • Warren Aubin Team: Warren Aubin, Neale Bayliss, Holly Davis, Warren McCaul, Wayne Loader

Running as solo candidates are;
Ken Hope, Catherine Strods, Bobby Bourke, Jeff Muir, Steve Semmens, Alex Christian, Steve Ellery, Michael Forde and Stuart Driver.

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