Therapy Success for Pets

I wanted to share some results of what my animal therapy sessions have achieved for some local pets and also those further away. Therapy sessions shed light onto the mental & emotional state of animals and how that ‘state’ is affecting them physically and/or behaviorally.

I work with a lot of pets who have been subjected to some form of trauma and in particular adopted animals who’s past history and experiences are not known and have manifested into internal imbalances that are shown through the animals behavior as displays of anxiety, nervousness, aggression or other odd behavioral concerns.

Success Stories:-Adopted Bull Terrier Cross named Zeus from WA who was very nervous, clingy and suffered separation anxiety, destroying door frames and household items when left alone. With a couple of distance sessions he was significantly calmer & happier within himself, no longer cried at bedtime and had ceased destroying the house!-Harlow the French Bull Dog from ACT, rescued from a puppy farm was still prone to escaping her yard and running away even after 1.5 years in her new home.

Three weeks post her first distance session there had been no further attempts of escape. I have since also worked with Harlow’s human paw-rents to facilitate distance couple sessions from which they report feeling ‘super chilled out’-Brego the brumby from Bathurst NSW –from his owner: ‘Mardi’s work has helped my Brumby gelding enormously and it was a pleasure to watch her work.

The changes before and after her intervention were significant. He was handled in a traumatic way as a youngster and had a hard time trusting most other people beyond myself.

A highlight most recently was watching Brego cope having six young boys all crowd around him trying to pat him, he had no halter attached and managed to be brave enough to greet and meet them all.

A year ago he could hardly cope with even my own son patting him. Thank you for your help Mardi in helping him on his journey.’

I work with cats, birds and reptiles and am also available to work with any domestic or livestock animal. I hold a full practicing membership with the International BodyTalk Association and the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

If you’d like a therapeutic session to support your pet and get valuable insight into their mental health and wellbeing please get in touch and take advantage of a FREE 30 minute phone consultation!

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