Think of your Pets when Lockdown lifts.

Our four-legged friends have been reaping the benefits of our extra time at home due to office and school closures with Covid – that’s more walks, more playtime, and most importantly, more belly rubs!

As part of being a responsible pet owner, it’s super important that we prepare our dogs for what comes next. As restrictions start to ease and we inevitably go back into the office, school or uni, our four-legged friends must once again adjust to being by themselves at home for many hours of the day.

This can be a huge adjustment for both us humans and our pets, but lucky for you our friends over at RSPCA NSW have come up with their top tips on how to prepare your four-legged friend for life after Covid.

Stick to a routine

Just like us, dogs are creatures of habit. Create a routine that includes enrichment, rest, exercise and alone time during the day.

There’s such a thing as too many walks

Although we’re tempted to take our dogs out for extra walks, try to keep to an exercise routine that you’ll be able to keep up once you go back into the office or school.

Banish the bowl

Make mealtime fun with creative feeding techniques like Kong toys and puzzle feeders. These feeding solutions will also keep your pup entertained while you’re away from home.

Gradually introduce alone time

Increase the time your dog spends alone in smaller increments and ensure they have a comfortable ‘safe haven’ where they can relax and rest.

Our four-legged friends have done an incredible job in comforting us during our time spent at home, now it’s our turn to ensure they’re prepared for what’s to come life after Covid.

Pictured: Bentley the Maremma

Editor’s Note: We got a COVID puppy last year, which was all well and good until he grew up… now we have a full blown giganotosaurus of a Maremma, but his daily walks are keeping us all healthy!

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