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BREAKING UPDATE – Waste Services

Further updates are now available on waste management during the current COVID-19 situation following advice from the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and NSW Health have issued revised advice on the current COVID restrictions applying to waste disposal.   

For regional residents who don’t have a council bin collection, the EPA has received clarification from NSW Health that taking waste to a landfill would be a “reasonable excuse” for a person to leave their home in regional NSW.  

Residents are reminded that stay at home directions are in place and that people should only visit waste facilities if absolutely necessary. NSW Police are enforcing COVID restrictions and residents must abide by all relevant restrictions as they apply at the time. Residents should continue to check for updates from NSW Health. 

Based on the latest information, Lithgow Council will now undertake a staged re-opening of all waste facilities with strict COVID safe protocols. 

Lithgow Solid Waste Facility  

Lithgow Solid Waste Facility will re-open to the general public from Saturday 28th August 2021 without the need for bookings. All visitors must sign in using a QR Code at the weighbridge or advise gatehouse staff for a manual sign-in. Please take directions from staff on-site and follow all COVID safe protocols when entering and using the site. Please be patient as there may be delays on-site to meet the COVID safe protocols including limiting the number of vehicles allowed on site at a time. 

Portland, Wallerawang and Capertee Waste Depots 

Council will trial the re-opening of Portland and Wallerawang Waste Depots from Wednesday 1st September 2021, in addition to Capertee Waste Depot. The delay in re-opening these for a few more days  is related to the need to provide QR check in facilities and to make other covid safe arrangements. 

QR code check-in is mandatory and if you are unable to check-in electronically, you MUST attend Lithgow Solid Waste Facility to ensure that you are manually checked in. The depots will be monitored regularly, including the use of security cameras, to ensure the correct rules are being followed, and signage is being observed.   

COVID Safe Protocols at Waste Depots 

At ALL waste depots the following must be observed as a minimum: 

  • Check-in using QR code or manual sign-in at Lithgow SWF 
  • Wearing of face masks at all times when outside your vehicle 
  • Only one vehicle unloading at any tipping area at a time 
  • Observing the 1 person per 4 square metre rule 
  • Ensuring minimum 1.5m distance from other people 
  • Following any other relevant NSW Public Health Order restrictions as they apply 

Transfer Stations 

All transfer stations remain open for household waste for residents in those areas. 

Kerbside Waste Collection 

All kerbside collection services continue to operate as per normal. This includes weekly kerbside waste, fortnightly recycling and next months scheduled green waste clean-up commencing 27th September 2021.  

Commercial Waste 

Commercial customers can continue to use Lithgow Solid Waste Facility following the COVID safe protocols. 

The continued opening of waste facilities will be dependent on residents following the rules which will keep themselves, Council staff and other community members safe. 

Previously, LCC had advised Waste Facilities would remain closed.

Currently Lithgow Solid Waste Facility, Portland Waste Depot and Wallerawang Waste Depot remain closed to the general public.

The NSW Office of Local Government has forwarded advice to all councils from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) that travelling for waste disposal is not a reason for leaving home with the following advice provided:

“NSW is in lockdown and all residents are required to limit their movements, and stay at home. No member of the public should be visiting a recycling or waste management facility as it is not one of the essential reasons for leaving your home.

For people living in regional NSW who don’t have a council waste collection and take their own household waste to landfill, they must store this waste safely at home in a durable bag/container and not visit the waste depot until the restrictions are lifted.”

The current landfill closures for Lithgow are to remain in place until restrictions are lifted or there is a change in the public health advice.

All curbside collection services continue to operate as per normal. This includes weekly curbside waste, fortnightly recycling and next months scheduled green waste clean-up commencing 27th September 2021.

Council takes advice on all public health matters from the State and Federal health departments and may need to update its response should the situation change.

Council understands that extenuating circumstances arise that require the disposal of essential waste. If you believe that your situation is in fact extenuating, arrangements may be made for residents requiring the disposal of essential waste, e.g. rotting food waste, by contacting the Lithgow Solid Waste Facility gatehouse on 0417-838-425.   Rural transfer stations will also remain available for rural residents who do not have access to a curbside service, however surveillance is in place and this will be reviewed if the facilities are not strictly used for this purpose.

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