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Roving Leo: Bubble Time

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Story filed: Bubble time

Hi people, it’s Leo here. Maybe you’ve heard of this new freedom that the government has initiated, it’s called a friends bubble. It lets you see two of your friends as it’s three people bubble for kids only, But I bet most of you know this already.

My family and I didn’t know about this until I was invited to my friend’s house and after not seeing a human being (that was not my mum and dad) for a very long time, it was a blast. I definitely recommend doing this, it’s great. 

The only downside is that you can only have one bubble which means you can’t go and visit someone else, you can only visit the same three people. It does suck a bit because of that one condition but I guess it’s for our protection in the end, so if anything is contracted we don’t spread it.

Definitely do this bubble thing or maybe you’re already doing it – either way it’s great. 

Until next time 

Leo Roving, Reporter

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