30th anniversary Light on the Hill tickets now on sale

Tickets for the much anticipated 30th Light on the Hill dinner are now on sale through Bathurst Panthers.

The announcement that Senator Penny Wong will deliver the Ben Chifley Memorial Light on the Hill address this year has generated wide interest.

Senator Wong, the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment, will give the address at the annual dinner on Saturday 20 September at Bathurst Panthers.

“Penny Wong is a highly effective and popular Senator.  She has been a sharp critic of government policies that reduce job opportunities, and her support for gay marriage reform has contributed to the great respect in which she is held by people of all ages and political backgrounds,” said Bathurst Labor Senior Vice President and former Senator Sue West.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Light on the Hill dinner, held each September to honour Bathurst’s former Labor Prime Minister Ben Chifley.

With 350-500 attending past dinners, organisers are expecting a large turn out this year.

Before entering Parliament, Penny Wong was a barrister and solicitor in Adelaide and had worked as an adviser to the Carr Government in New South Wales.

Penny was first elected as a Labor Senator for South Australia in November 2001.  Between 2007 and 2013 she held the positions of Minister for Climate Change and Water, Minister for Finance and Deregulation, and Leader of the Government in the Senate.

In a 1949 speech, Prime Minister Ben Chifley coined the phrase “light on the hill” to describe the goal of the Labor movement to bring better standards of living and happiness to Australians.

Past Light on the Hill speakers include former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke, Gough Whitlam and Julia Gillard.

Tickets can be purchased by phone or in person at Bathurst Panthers, 132 Piper Street, Bathurst. For more information contact Sue West, 0418 637 538.


NRL in Bathurst a success

It may not have been the result that Panthers’ fans were looking for, but there is no denying that playing a competition round game in Bathurst was a huge success for the sport of Rugby League as well as the Central West region.
Despite the cold weather, the crowds turned out in force with nearly 9000 spectators in attendance.
Local restaurants were packed prior to the game and, one would assume, after the game for post match celebrations for Sharks’ fans, or commiserations for Panthers’ Fans.
The Panthers have committed to a further 4 years of competition round matches, something to look forward to next year.

Here comes the NRL

Article by Nathan Taylor, Picture by Melinda Sanders

The Panthers will have to pack some extra winter gear this weekend as they head west to Bathurst for the first game of a five year partnership with the NSW country town.
The Panthers set off for Bathurst on Wednesday in preparation for their Saturday afternoon game against the bottom-placed Cronulla Sharks at Bathurst’s Carrington Park.
A sellout crowd is expected at the venue, where Penrith played a trial against the Wests Tigers in 2013.
In-form Panthers hooker James Segeyaro said he couldn’t wait to play a game in front of the club’s Central West fans but admitted he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t thinking about the cold just a tad.
“I think it’s going to be like five degrees during the day,” he said.
“Weather aside, I’m happy the Panthers are bringing a game out there. I think it’s really important we do as much as we can by giving back to the grassroots and going to areas like Bathurst.”
Penrith’s trip to Bathurst, which was announced in December last year, is expected to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the local economy, but it’ll also do plenty for Penrith’s brand too.
“It’s good for our brand, the Panthers brand in Bathurst, knowing we’ve got a Leagues Club out there. If we can get more NRL games to areas like Bathurst, the better it is,” Segeyaro said.
Another player looking forward to heading out west is Panthers utility Isaah Yeo, who two and a half years ago moved from Dubbo to Penrith to fulfil his NRL dream.
“Bathurst, being close to Dubbo, there will be a fair few family members out there. I think it’s a great initiative from rugby league and Panthers to be able to take a game out to the country,” he said.
Yeo said he remembers going to the odd professional rugby league fixture in Dubbo when he was a kid growing up.
“They had a City vs Country match out there one year and Andrew Ryan, also from Dubbo, organised a Bulldogs vs Raiders trial match out there too,” he recalled.
“I expect a packed stadium out there on Saturday because it’s not every day people from country towns can watch an NRL game live.”

Depression Recovery Program Introductory Session

One in five (20%) Australians, and over 350 million people worldwide, suffer from depression and during stressful times, this disease can intensify.

Many factors can lead to depression including unrealistic goals, added financial stress, family expectations, and change of schedule or eating patterns. But the cure may not be as difficult as you might think. Actually, just a few basic lifestyle changes can help you break free of the trap of depression.

Neil Nedley, MD has put together his 8- session Depression Recovery Program from his 15 plus years of research and clinical experience helping his patients. David Haupt, presenter for Adventist Health will be hosting the Nedley Depression Recovery Program. The program begins Monday, 4th August 2014 at 7pm. It will help you identify the underlying causes, or “hits,” which bring on depression. “Every case is as different as each individual, but the 10 Hit Categories summarize all the possible causes for depression. And determining your causes can be as simple as taking the depression questionnaire in this program,” said Nedley.

Dr. Nedley, author of the books “Proof Positive” and “Depression: the Way Out,” will teach participants how to improve brain function, maximize IQ in children, increase energy, boost concentration, engage in healthy sleep habits, improve physical performance, and gain renewed hope. In addition to the essential information on lifestyle and diet, Nedley will also cover the benefits and risks of counseling and drug medications.

Haupt said this seminar is not only excellent for people who are depressed, but also for those who have family members or friends who are depressed. It will focus on brain health and what a person can do to treat depression as well as the healthy lifestyle

habits they can adopt to keep depression from ever happening; even for those with a genetic predisposition to mental illness.

Haupt said that those attending the sessions will learn how to establish and maintain a strong exercise program, understand depression, eliminate negative habits of body and mind, develop healthy eating patterns, and get more out of the day by enhancing brain function. Participants will spend less time frustrated by stress, decrease the risk for many diseases, say goodbye to negative thinking, and understand the true power of positive thinking.

“Dr. Nedley’s program will show better ways to combat depression—how to know what you can change and what you can’t, the importance of minimizing drug medicine use, and how to make use of effective natural therapies,” Haupt said.

Dr. Neil Nedley has served thousands of families for more than 15 years through his medical practice and extensive, worldwide lecturing. He educates students of all ages in nutrition and healthy lifestyle principles through his radio shows, satellite and cable television, and live appearances. Nedley also helped develop the Omega-3 Uplift bar, a tasty way to get more than 3,000 mg of omega-3 in each bar which is specially designed for optimal brain health.

The introductory program is free.

Those interested should book online: go to nswinfo.adventist.org.au/event-info or scan QR code or call Colin (6369 0634) or call/text Bruce (0413 966 388) to ensure a seat. Introductory session will be held Monday night, 7 pm on 4th August 2014 at VERTO, 227 Howick Street, Bathurst.


The full NRL spectacle of big time NRL arrives in Bathurst on Saturday 26 July 2014, with the top of the table Penrith Players facing hte wooden spoon contenders the Cronulla Sharks.

With many origin players in the Sharks side, there is a chance the added boost of the series win will give them some much needed energy to lift from the bottom of the table.

Players from both the Penrith Panthers and Cronulla Sharks will be visiting a number of primary schools within the Bathurst and surrounding Regions in the lead up to Saturday’s game.

The visits will allow kids to meet with players, ask questions share their experiences and learn from their sporting heros. The school and community visits are a great opportunity for members of the local community to experience an exclusive behind the scenes insight into what it’s like to be a professional football player.

Tickets are available from Bathurst Panthers or online at Ticketeck.com.au

Penrith Panthers vs Cronulla Sharks
Carrington Park, Bathurst
Saturday 26 July, 2014